Thy Kingdom Come – grow in prayer and fellowship as a family

Most schools in the UK have closed due to the coronavirus, so many children are at home during the day and throughout the week with their parents and carers. This is a good time to grow in prayer and fellowship as a family. Here are 5 tips for growing in faith together as a family:

  1. Keep a regular routine of prayer. Good times to pray together are those times you do something regularly, eating together, going to bed or washing your hands!  Or light a candle and pray together. This could also including praying the same family prayer at the same time every day- it’s completely up to you!
  2. Read a bible story at bed-time or watch one online with the children during the day.
  3. Send a message. With the lock down, it can be difficult adjusting to not seeing family and friends in person. However, you can still pray for them together.  Why not send them a message or call them, to let them know that you are thinking and praying for them?
  4. Fun prayer ideas to do as a family – Bright prayer ideas for families at home!

The daily Thy Kingdom Come video and reflection are HERE

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